Cassette spider moving on splines

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Just fixed a knocking noise from rear. Noticed when pedalling a knock about half a wheel revolution. Close inspection found the spider of cassette XT M760 moving so tightened it a bit more.( now >40Nm / 30ft-lbs) Knock still there but only on the biggest sprocket, so took cassette off and found spider part a very loose fit on splines and so able to be pulled across the freewheel, first to one side then the other as wheel rotated. So made up some strip steel shims and tapped home under some of the splines. Knock gone.

Wheel Campagnolo Neutron, no wear anywhere on freewheel or splines. Cassette new, spider not damaged.

So why was the cassette, identical to a few I have fitted on this wheel, such a loose fit?
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    sounds like the new cassette was lightly larger than it should be??? perhaps a defect