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New (second hand bike) questions...

dale_harrisondale_harrison Posts: 9
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Hi there,

Looking for a bit of advice if you all don't mind. I'm a new (or extremely sporadic) rider, that has been commuting a small amount across London over the years and have decided to venture out on a few local roads 3 or 4 times a week in a lose attempt to shed some of the excess poundage. I won't go as far as to say the bug has bitten, but I started last year as prep for the London to Brighton (completed without incident - apart from a minor puncture which was in about 20 seconds thanks to the legend mechanic crews lining the pit-stops) - that was last year, this year I'm currently on a small Strava tracked 11-14 mile jaunt around the countryside a few times a week, along with belting to the station when going to work.

I won't paint an un-necessary picture. I have practically zero knowledge on bikes, settings, what's deemed decent etc etc. I have an old Boardman that I bought off eBay about 5 years ago for £125 - seemed a bit of a bargain - but I think it has had it's day (each time I get the thing serviced it seems to shell out £200+ for something that has worn or on the verge of snapping).

I'm looking for a new (second hand) Hybrid - my current Boardman is a hybrid and I quite like how comfy it is to ride (squeaks, groans and clunks to the side) - not sure I'm ready or want a full on road-bike yet. So... I've been back on eBay, hunting down bikes between £500 and £900 - problem is I don't know what is over priced and what is decent value, and the immature man in me generally see's something painted up a bit "rad" and I head that direction :oops: :oops:

I've seen links here (expensive):

here (even more expensive): ... 0005.m1851

and here (affordable... but is it any good!??): ... 1438.l2649

I'd like something as lightweight as possible, I'm trying to tackle a specific hill on Strava at the moment, which in 5 attempts I've not been able to summit... but everyone needs a challenge right!! #embarrassment

...but equally, again, I'd appreciate someone who has experience to shout good value / don't touch they are taking the **** with a view to another few years till I'm ready to graduate yet again.

Sorry for the long-winded introduction... and thanks for any help :)


  • lesfirthlesfirth Posts: 1,381
    Just venture a little out of your comfort zone. Drop bars give you more varied riding positions and you will be used to them very quickly. There are more drop bikes for sale than flat bar bikes.
    A new bike that has been used a couple of times will sell on E bay at about half the original retail. Half the original buyers will have bought in a sale.
    The time to buy a bike on Ebay is when you do not really want one. Then you buy because it is such a bargain. The worst time is when you need a bike now and fall for an Ebay listing. There are lots of bikes sat in garages that were bought with good intentions but hardly used. If you do not know a lot about bikes go for something newer but lower spec. Do your homework. See the bike before you part with your cash. Collect it from the buyers home. If you have doubts about the seller you must have absolutely none about the bike. I have bought several bikes off Ebay. They have all been from nice genuine people.I have yet to come across a rogue. One I now consider to be a friend and we follow each other on strava. Good luck finding one at the right price.
  • Thank you for the advice, appreciated. Am taking a peek at some drop handle bar options now as well. Will attempt to get into a shop somewhere soon to check them out in the flesh as well. Thanks,
  • Are you near a decathlon store?

    Have a look at the Triban 520. Plus you can have a go on them whilst your there. They also do flat handle bar versions so you should find something suitable. ... 77757.html ... 22799.html
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