Wallingford Festival of Cycling - July

Jimfrandisco Posts: 210
Just a heads up for those in Oxfordshire, Berkshire etc about the Wallingford Festival of Cycling.

It’s on the weekend of 6th/7th/8th July in Wallingford (S.Oxfordshire) – on and off road sportives as you’d expect, but also a lot else happening eg closed road racing, pump track, informal rides with local groups, penny farthings, family events etc.

This year there’s also a family cycling magazine type show in the local theatre feature a showing of ‘Divided’ and a Q&A with some of The Adventure Syndicate and later the same day there’s also going to be a showing of ‘A Sunday in Hell’ featuring a Q&A with William Fotheringham (sports journalist and author).

Details are going up currently onto http://www.wallingfordfestivalofcycling.co.uk

Good to have something like this in this part of the country as there’s a lot of cyclists about.