UCI Track World Cup - London Dec

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I want to bag a couple of tickets to the UCI World Cup and bring the wife, who knows nothing about the sport, so want to go on a casual specator friendly day.

Any advice on what would be the best slot to buy tickets for. Am leaning towards the Friday evening as it has the team pursuit which I love, but would a Omnium, Madison extravaganza be more fun?

Any advice?
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  • All three evenings look pretty good from what they've announced so far. (Personally I think the team sprint is a bit dull, so would probably go for the Sat/Sun.)

    Madison, scratch and points are not ideal for a casual spectator. But they're on evenings when you also get the elimination, sprint and keirin which definitely are.
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    Anything with finals or semi-finals should be good. Avoid the sprint qualifying, heats, repechages, etc - great if you like sprint competitions, but otherwise not very spectator-friendly...
  • Is it the world cup you particularly want to see?

    The 6 Days event at the start of December can be good, constant action, a little easier to follow, party atmosphere. Been the last 2 years

    Mrs has got us tickets for the final session of the World Cup event.