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Fulcrum Racing Sport Disc freehub replacement

londoncommuterlondoncommuter Posts: 1,550
edited February 2018 in Workshop
So 30 miles from home today my crappy Fulcrum freehub decided to stop engaging. It was very nippy out and I'm wondering if (and I'm making this up) some water from cleaning had gotten in and frozen. Thankfully it started working again after I'd been cursing at the side of the road (in the sun) for 5 minutes. Not impressed though as the wheels aren't that old and, if I'm honest, have been dodgy for quite a while.

What are my options? Is it it just to replace with the official Fulcrum freehub for £35? Would any aftermarket models also fit and be cheaper or more reliable? ... ano-rt-013

£35 is quite a long way towards to a new wheel and I'd be tempted to get a set of these instead: ... prod142938

The bearings on the Fulcrums (same as on some other Khamsins I had) seem to last for weeks so it is tempting to just give up on them. Any views on the Prime wheels? Anyone just need a front and we could split?

Thanks for any advice.
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