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A4 races with mountain finishes/good hard hills? [Ireland]

RowanHarleyRowanHarley Posts: 75
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I'm looking for some A4 races with a lot of hills or mountain-top finish. It's real hard to find races with hills just looking through cycling Ireland's calendar. I was wondering if anyone knew some of these races from experience?


  • Try the Bobby Crilly Classic just outside Belfast which finishes on top of Divis mountain. It starts off with flat laps before turning towards the mountain with a 4-5 miles drag, fast downhill section and then a steep ramp at the end.
  • Looks like a great race alright but it'd be a 3hr drive to get down there! Could be a bit too far... Any races that go up slieve blooms or other mountain ranges. I know there's sportives that do it but I haven't seen any races
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,001
    If you want a specific type of race profile, then you are almost certainly going to have to travel. If you've looked through the race calendar and not found any, then it probably means there aren't any. Or at the very least it means they aren't on the calendar yet. Your own club mates would be the best people to ask...
  • Ya I have but they're all into races that finish in a bunch sprint. I found a few, like the Markievicz Cup and the Deenside GP but there are very few around.
  • Eddie Crory Memorial Race, Hilltown. Only a short hill,but it'll hurt. A lot.
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