The experiences of a new track racer...

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There aren’t many posts in this track forum, so I thought I’d add one about my experiences as a new track racer.

I completed my track accreditation a year or so ago and had been stuck between either racing cross or track this winter. In the end I decided to go all in for track, did a load of SQT sessions at Lee Valley and entered the Full Gas Track League.

It is very fast and very hard, but mainly it is great fun. The dynamics of the different race formats is the key to enjoying it so much. For example, an elimination race is a very simple format to understand, but riding it takes weeks to get used to, and I really enjoy the learning process. The camaraderie and atmosphere amongst the riders is also excellent.

My clubmates asked me to do a write up about how it was going and I have been getting some good feedback on it, so I added it to my blog.

If you are thinking of racing track, I can thoroughly recommend doing it. If you read through my write ups from the first few weeks, you will also get an idea of what it is like to start out as a complete newbie.

For context, for most of the year on the road I do vets/masters races (usually LVRC crits) and am never close to winning anything. I think I’ve been in the top ten a couple of times. So I’m no great racer.