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Compatibility CS6600 and tiagra components. Help

denispearldenispearl Posts: 125
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Hi there. I've decided to upgrade caad8 so swapped the wheels over for a mavic ones. They came with CS6600 ultegra cassette in a good condition, but the rest of drive train stayed same. So the set up I've got on the bike now is : tiagra 10 speed shifters, tiagra rear and front mechs and kmc or tiagra chain ( not sure exactly, but it was there from the beginning) . Now Im having troubles in setting indexing right. Whenever shifting down set up correctly shifting up is out and vice versa. I have changed the cable, cleaned everything with no effect. So I assume there's a compatibility issue and something should be replaced. I would like to keep the cassette on tho. What needs changing - chain or rd? And which models should I buy? Any ideas? Thanks


  • sungodsungod Posts: 12,211
    measure the chain to see if it is worn, it's easy to do, all you need is a ruler

    tells you how here...

    ...scroll down to "measuring chain wear"

    if the chain is worn, don't ride the 'new' cassette until you replace the chain as a worn chain can cause rapid wear to the cassette

    other things to also check...

    make sure the wheel is fully seated, put some weight on before tightening the qr

    check the rear mech hanger isn't out of alignment, there are various ways to do this, surest is with an alignment tool, if you don't have one try the lbs when it's not busy and they may do it for you while you wait
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  • Thank you. The chain is worn out so I Will replace it with with ultegra thin one. Many thanks for your input. br
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