How to learn cycling?

How can I learn cycle? I want to play cycle .. :)


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  • First, u must learn how to balance and dare to fall off from a bicycle, wear a helmet too.
    If u can find the balance and feel comfort & control on a bicycle, somewhere there. note, just newbie level, Can start off with open space to practice only.
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    Start with one foot on the ground. Your other foot should be flat on a pedal pointed upwards. Push off, put that foot on the other pedal, and go! Keep going as long as you can maintain balance.
    Going faster makes balancing easier, but don’t go so fast that you lose control.
    Don't stop by foot. A better practice is to stop by using the brakes. Stop pedaling, shift your weight onto the lowest pedal, and squeeze both handbrakes, if the bike has them. Once the bike has stopped, raise yourself a little and step off onto the ground.
    Putting your feet down too early while using the breaks stops the bicycle abruptly. Your momentum won't stop and you'll whack into the handlebars.