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phil rooksbyphil rooksby Posts: 2
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Anyone interested in exploring the forest tracks of SW Spain, where it is sunny and dry (allegedly) 300 days of the year, and cyclists are always welcome? In particular, the Sierra de Aracena, which is a protected area (designated Parque Natural) covering 182,000 hectares, most of which is forestry (oak/ sweet chestnut/ pine), the rest composed of ancient villages & castles dating back to the Moors and beyond. The town of Almonaster la Real being the best place to head for. Not just because I live/ cycle there, but the local tracks are brilliant, our council puts on regular races and competitions, and there are plenty of great places to stay, including excellent food (home of Jamon). Yet all only an hour from Sevilla, 45 minutes from Portugal, and 90 minutes to the beach. All it lacks actually is a decent bike shop (well you can’t have everything), but there’s an opportunity there for anyone seeking an alternative life.
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