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Pro pelaton traing diary.

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I know it must be driven by forthcoming races but in general, what does their typical training schedule look like over the course of a week?


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    There's no typical rider or week.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    ^^ that.

    Too many variables to consider.
  • Some pros use Strava although not all share all ride data, but that might be a way to demonstrate how variable it is.
  • I follow Nibali on Strava. He rarely posts... did a lot during the Giro. Training seems a doddle. 3-4 hours around lake Como with a couple of team mates, coffee somewhere nice... it's a great lifestyle, bearing in mind they earn between 5 and 20 times more than someone their age with the same qualification

    Don't be tempted to admire them for their hard work and dedication... :wink:
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  • This is probably near impossible to read due to the file size being small, but this plan done 4 times a year can get you somewhere within the slower amateur categories on a schedule short on time. In other words, it's training for us mortals and nobodies.

    I'd assume take this and multiply the time commitment by 4, multiply the suffering by 10. I mean, just for a race they go 120mi a day for weeks on end.

    It would hurt the wallet to know how much food they probably eat to go through many thousands of calories a day in training.

    I'd guess they burn enough calories in a single day of training it would take me a whole week. Today I think I did 650 cal at lunchtime on the trainer. I'm sure they probably burn like 4000 to 5000 in a training session. Just sooooo much power for soooo long.

    This is an intro plan for someone who's never done a Cat 4/5 race before. It's hard, but absolutely nothing compared to those crazy guys (and gals).


    GCN had the trainer for some team a while back show the "highlights" of the team plan for a week of training, it looked nuts.
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