Any suggestions for cheap sunny/beach holiday with luggage transfers?

prhymeate Posts: 793
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I'm looking into booking a cycling holiday towards the end of sept/october for as little money as possible and just wondered if anyone had any recommendations of who to book with? Ideally, it'd be self-guided with luggage transfers and bikes supplied. I'd like to finish somewhere interesting where I could book an Air bnb and stay a couple of extra nights too. So far I have looked at Flexitreks who quote £638 for a 7-night self-guided tour, which includes accommodation and luggage transfers. Everything else is extra. It finishes in Cagliari which looks like it might be nice to spend a few nights in (£40-50 per night). Flights seem to be around £100-140 return.

If anyone has any suggestions of cheap places to go or who to book with I'd really appreciate it. Not too keen on Majorca as I've been before, but anywhere else that'll be warm, has a coastline and is cheap to fly to would be great. Thanks.