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Encouraging the first ride

slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
We're just going through this - or rather - just done it - with our 2yo.

I've said in other posts - but I'll recap ...

He's a bit of an outdoor boy (thankfully) - and has had a 4 wheel wooden "trike" for ages which he loves.
On our first camping trip to France with him last year he didn't wander off our pitch without us - except once - following a 2yo who had a Puky balance bike.
On coming back home we bought him one - they're pretty low so one of the few that would fit his height (at 14 months old) - he was excited to see it and even mounted it correctly (swung his leg over the back) - but despite his excitement,he wasn't ready for it... and he basically ignored it for 6 months.
a couple of months ago we bought a horn to fit to his bike - just to see if that would respark the interest - and it seemed to do the trick - gradually working out how to sit on the bike and remember it will fall over. Encouraged, we took it on our second French camping trip - not entirely successful as it was on a hillside and he followed me down a steep bit - ending up with cuts and scrapes on his face :(
We found a few flat bits for him to get back on but it wasn't ideal and he'd lost a bit of confidence.
Returning home meant back to smooth surfaces and bigger spaces to practice on - but its clear he's been knocked back a little.
I then had to get his big bike (20" wheels) down - getting ready to lend to a visiting cousin - luckily not much needed doing - but I have to test it, so put LSB on it first (it's obligatory) - interestingly he's after touching the pedals with his feet - he's just nowhere near tall enough (which we knew) - and then I take it out the front - with LSB on his Puky - and I ride his big bike - this is now much more fun as I'm closer to his level and can throw the bike around - and he loves chasing me or me chasing him ... and now we can practice bumping off curbs too - I can show him what to do.

Then ... last night - we're just playing around on the bikes as normal - and I start scooting rather than pedalling - lifting both feet off the ground and holding them behind me - and LSB starts to copy ... so now we're scooting some of the time - although it's a bit easier if you look where you're going and not behind you ... ;)

So - my suggestion for those who are trying to get their kids on bikes - get down there with them and show them - it's fun!


  • mikpemmikpem Posts: 139
    Definitely! Great news that you are enjoying playing together on them.
    I've just been given a BMX which is great for going out with my 4 year old as I'm a bit closer to his level and is easier to ride slowly.
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