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HR interval training app

jlparsonsjlparsons Posts: 3
Hi folks, just got myself a set of rollers for indoor training during wet/cold weather (I'm getting older...). Looking for an android app to use for HR-based interval training like I do in the gym on a static bike. In the gym I'm able to set up a workout interval schedule, ie an hour riding based on 5 minutes at 145bpm then 2 minutes at 180bpm etc. Or I can set up a 'hill' route by randomly altering the HR zones I should be in at each time, mirroring climbs and descents etc.
I can find lots of apps that log HR rides, some that show you your live HR so you can do that manually etc, but nothing that I can see that you can pre-program your work out like you can on a good quality static bike?


  • singletonsingleton Posts: 2,395
    I have a computer on my bike lined to HRM and speed, so I just need something to time the intervals.
    I use an app called "seconds" for this, but there maybe others.
  • jlparsonsjlparsons Posts: 3
    Stop press - found a possible solution! An app called "JaBIT" seems to do most of what I want. Not tried it as yet (waiting for BT HR sensor to arrive) but it does support HR and allow you to plan interval training sessions and store them. Not sure if it lets you set target HR ranges for specific intervals though, just easy, moderate, hard, extreme etc.
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