Mungo's Hi-Fi - Bike Rider feat. Pupajim

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Only one mention of this fantastically danceable riddim on the entire forum...


Mungo's Hi-Fi - Bike Rider feat. Pupajim - click here

Everybody should ride bicycle!

On the subject of bicycle tunes, I did a terrible cyclocentric version of General Levy's Incredible... called Incredipedal., as General Lee B., on YouTube - click here to listen and feel free to ridicule.

"When me get 'pon de pedals, me spin dem like a windmill.
New bike me get, a Reynolds 520 steel.
Bike nuh ride good unless a me build de wheel.
When de girls ride me bike it's like dem dreams get fulfil"
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  • Quite obscure.
    I have a copy of Forward Ever ,also some from Mr Scruff presents , but not clocked your sample.