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Ribble CGR, or alternative...

DurhamishDCDurhamishDC Posts: 21
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So my trusty Trek Domane has recently been wrote off and I am in the market for a new whip and looking for something a bit different.

I am looking at something that may very well not exist but a bit of a jack of all trades, something I can take off the beaten track without worrying too much, sturdy enough to do some touring, but also something that stripped down and with different wheels is still going to shift a little bit on a tarmac ride.

So after doing some digging and coming up with blanks in the shops I have been to I have come to the Ribble CGR. It seems to tick a lot of boxes, I know there are quicker bikes out there but it is not going to be used for TT's or anything like that, just something that will do a 40/50 miler without feeling too taxing. Unfortunately a 2 bike solution is not a solution which is why I am looking for something with some versatility.

Don't know if anyone has had any experience of this bike, or if there are any alternative models out there. I could see some but I have specced a 105 hydro disc CGR with a few additional upgrades for £1.2k, I can't really see anything coming close to that in this category.

Any advice welcome.


  • super_davosuper_davo Posts: 1,097
    Dolan RDX. Very similar to the CGR but comes in about £200 less and has Aksium wheels which are better than the Rodis on the Ribble. Taking delivery of mine next week...
  • I got a Boardman CX Team when they were on sale (£720 with 10% British Cycling discount) which comes with SRAM hydraulic brakes and a 1x groupset. I've done a few farmland / towpath rides with the knobbly tyres and a very comfy 50 miler with the cycling club where I had 28mm slicks running at about 60/65 psi. It's got mounting points for a rack and full mudguards. Very happy with it!
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