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Cannondale caddx 105 or boardman team cx

eavesy31eavesy31 Posts: 33
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Guys I'll keep this quite simple, looking to buy a cx bike for commute and a bit of weeekend fun in the park where my trek madone won't go... I've got a couple in mind the cannondale and the boardman. Both around the £1k mark but the boardman with single sram drivetrain and hydraulic disc. What's the best offer. All opinions appreciated to help me decide or offer up any alternatives I might have missed..

Thanks in advance


  • janwaljanwal Posts: 486
    Not ridden a Caadx but I do have a cx team. I love it. The SRAM 1x11 is all you will need.The gearing is equivalent to about a 12-32 .It takes full mudguards even with a set of 28 GP 4000 2's on which run 30 wide. The hydraulic brakes are superb with lots of feel and one finger braking is just so nice! I bought mine when Halfords had one if there 20% off offers.I also used my cycling uk membership to get an extra 10% off.It is only About £20 to join.Or join British cycling and get same 10% off anything at Halfords.Also when I bought mine a couple of months ago when I went to pay they told me that the cx team was now an end of line bike ( think they will be bringing out a new one soon,probably different colour),so I could have £75 worth of accessories for free.Bonus,so I got a Garmin 25 and paid the difference. So worth a check to see if that is still the case. Ok. It is about 10kg bike but I just don't notice as my carbon Trek Domane weighs about the same.Not found a hill around Huddersfield that I can't get up yet.Just check the sizing as they go by seat tube so the 50 ( which is the smallest you can buy ) has a 54 top tube.I am 5'7" and 31 inside leg and fits me just right.
    The Hydraulic Rival groupset alone is £750 as I got one to convert my Trek Domane disc to it just before I bought the cx as a winter / wet weather bike.It was through using it that convinced me that the cx team with it on was just what I needed.
  • eavesy31eavesy31 Posts: 33
    Many thanks for the reply I am glad you give a glowing report for the boardman. I really like the thought of a single front chain and even better you reckon the gearing is more than enough as this was a concern. Your right they do chuck a 20% off now and then and hoping July is the month as I was still waiting for my cycle to work certificate to come the last time it was reduced to £800. I might end up though if it doesn't come down getting it anyway. How did you find the tyres supplied are they too chunky for the road on the commute. I commute about 11 miles through Birmingham.
  • janwaljanwal Posts: 486
    I never used the supplied tyres as I am not a fan of knobblies on roads,even when I had a mountain bike.A mate I ride with has the same bike that he got on the C2W and he doesn't mind them but they are slightly slower mainly on hills.I already had a set of 28 GP4000s which run at 30 wide on the rims and cope with canal tracks etc with no problem.
    My mate that has one also had to wait for his C2W certificate but he went in and ordered the bike and Halfords kept it for him for nearly 2 months and when they got the certificate sent on to them they rang him up to tell him it was ready to collect.
  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    I have a CAADX. It's superb for CX.

    But, I'd convert it to 1x at some point, it's cable brake only and the supplied chainset is rubbish.

    So, Boardman. Especially with 10% off for BC discount.
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  • That Boardman seems to be a lot of bike for the money.

    Hmmmm, time to think about a winter n+1 :D
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