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Tyres for 16 inch wheel kids bike?

tangled_metaltangled_metal Posts: 4,021
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We got a new 16" wheeled bike for our child. It has Kenda tyres on from new but he's had far too many punctures for my liking. We're off touring with his bike in a follow me tandem or riding solo very soon. Since both my partner and I run on schwalbe cityjets or vittoria voyager hypers we thought something as resistant for his bike would be good. Anything to help.

So what tyres are good for child's bike? Would any 16" tyre work? The bike is a carrera cosmos, a really good bike and one that he's really taken to very quickly.

I've seen marathon tyres for £20 & pluses for £35. The former are ok pricewise but £35 is too steep for me.

Continental tour rides in 16x1.95" tyres for £17.95. That looks a good option but I've heard they're very wooden in 700 size.

The use would be mostly roads, surfaced cycle paths, canal towpaths, the usual grass campsites and a little easier trails. We're talking the sort of routes I've taken.700x23c shod road bike down, so not rough stuff. The tyre I'm looking at would be close to my hypers or the cityjets or the faster versions of marathons.

What's your suggestions? Any good deals out there?


  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,420
    Interested to hear answers to this too!

    Another option might be:
    Felt F70 05 (Turbo)
    Marin Palisades Trail 91 and 06
    Scott CR1 SL 12
    Cannondale Synapse Adventure 15 & 16 Di2
    Scott Foil 18
  • Any 16" tyre should fit. (Assuming they aren't massively wider or thinner than the previous ones, but this is really unlikley unless you find some one selling 16" fat tyres.)
    You are in luck here as Brompton bikes use 16" wheels so there is a large market in good quality wheel at this size. Search for Brompton tyres to learn about options.
    As a start for puncture resistance, Schwalbe Marathons are pretty good. Kojaks are slick and fast.

    Hope that helps.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,735
    Another option Is to put slime in the tubes.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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