Silly Question

KevinA Posts: 492
Got a silly question but just can't get my head around it.

I am wanting to use my turbo trainer outdoors but my garden is on a slope so there isn't any level ground.

As I am stationary and not actually on the ground would this affect my effort/readings

Obviously going uphill is harder than going downhill or flat but I'm not actually going anywhere.

Such a stupid question but I just can't get my head around the logic.


  • sungod
    sungod Posts: 16,873
    doesn't make a difference other than potentially putting you/bike in an odd position

    the main thing you need to avoid is sideways tilt

    put the turbo up slope, with the front wheel facing directly downwards, then use a riser block/whatever to level the front wheel with the rear
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  • cyclingsheep
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    It is suggested that if you're training for hills on a turbo that you raise the front wheel as it engages the muscles you're likely to use climbing, so as mentioned above point it up hill.
  • MiddleRinger
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    As long as the ground is stable and the turbo is level side-to-side (so you aren't leaning left or right) you should be fine. If you can't level the front wheel out with bits of wood or phone books then riding "uphill" will probably be more comfortable than "downhill" on the turbo for extended periods.
  • reacher
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    Front wheel raised makes a differance for me although others will say it does not make any differance