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Going to Gran Canaria, how does VOTT compare to Tiede/Masca

DaveyODaveyO Posts: 37
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Hi, I'm travelling to Gran Canaria in July. I was going to hire a bike during my time there. I was wondering if anyone here has done both Masca and or Tiede in Tenerife and the VOTT in GC and could tell me how they compare difficulty wise.
I had only been cycling for 6 months when i cycled Tiede and then Masca.I cycled masca from Tamaimo and unluckily for me there was a heatwave the day i tackled it. The ride to Masca itself was ok, but descending into Masca it was soon apparent that there wasn't a breath of air and the heat was steadily rising.
My Garmin showed 40degC and my mountain goat local guide's showed 38degC (I know the Garmins temp ind isn't the most accurate BTW). The long and the short of it was i got up it on a 36/32, though i really was in a world of pain. I really underestimated the difficulty of the ride due to my naivety at being new to cycling.
So onto this year, the VOTT is another one of these bucket list rides i would like to attempt, could anyone here that has done these rides give me any insight on the difficulty difference, if any, between the 2 and also any gearing advice or anything else that would be handy to know would also be most welcome.


  • banditvicbanditvic Posts: 511
    Done Teide a couple of weeks ago, pretty sure that must be one of the longest constant climbs anywhere 2100m straight up, with zero flat or descent, I even rode it again a couple of days later to check.
    You then have to descend a bit to climb the last few 100 meters, its all pretty constant with no steep bits.
    VOTT is quite different and can obviously change with heat. Most ride from Maspolomas, so you already have a three hour ride to get to the bottom. I made the mistake of not eating at the town at the bottom of the climb assuming I would find something before the real climb by the second reservoir, there isn't anything.
    I did the climb with not enough food or drink,it took me three hours to do 10 miles. I only had a 28 on the back you need a 32 on this climb I was on and off the bike constantly.
    So Checklist,
    32 Cassette, get a Synapse from Freemotion.
    Lunch at the bottom, think it was called San Nicholas.
    For me its the hardest climb I've ever done, maybe if id eaten and had gels and a 32 cassette it would have been ok.
  • bikes`n`gunsbikes`n`guns Posts: 961
    Can recommend Freemotion as I used them last week for a ride in GC.

    As above, eat plenty take plenty water with you and get a Synapse with a 32
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
  • shamrock134shamrock134 Posts: 714
    I was in GC over Xmas and did the VOTT. I've not ridden in Tenerife yet. From what I gather, Teide is a steady gradient whereas VOTT is not. There are a few switchback sections of 25%+ grade!

    I second the Freemotion recommendation, I rented a Supersix EVO disc from them. I think a 34-28 is required as a minimum for VOTT although a 34-32T is probably nicer. I'm 58kg and even with 28T it was a grind up the steepest parts! The road surface is a bit **** in places so keeping the tyre on tarmac was a challenge.

    If you'd like any route suggestions I can share my Strava rides.
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