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iPhone and Zwift

KevinAKevinA Posts: 492
Hi guys

I have just got a iPhone 6plus and thought about using it for Zwift but having issues

My setup normally is a

MacBook Air
Bkool pro smart trainer
Garmin vector pedals

It works fine on my laptop

So I Downloaded the apps and then tried to pair the pedals and the trainer but it just searches

Is it because the gear I am using isn't Bluetooth enabled or have I missed a step

Any help guys would be appreciated


  • markhewitt1978markhewitt1978 Posts: 7,614
    Yes Garmin vector pedals are ANT+ only. In addition BKool doesn't work over Bluetooth for grade control. Of the products you've chosen they are the two worst for iOS compatibity
  • KevinAKevinA Posts: 492
    Ah I thought that. Not to worry it was mainly so I could watch movies on the laptop and run it off the phone.

    Just set it up in front of the tv
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