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Fixed Hub-Free Wheel Flip Flop Hub - Electric Bike

EuanfosterEuanfoster Posts: 2
edited April 2017 in Workshop
Hey all,

I am in the process of making an electric bike. It is somewhat been inspired by Tom Stanton on Youtube

His video got me thinking on ways to make it better! The first thing I thought of was having gears. Now I don't have an extensive knowledge of bike repair but got enough to get by and have thought of two ways to make this happen.

The first is a freewheel/cassette-fixed hub flip flop hub wheel. Has anyone ever done something like that before? Is it possible to have a flip flop hub with the single speed sprocket replaced with a freewheel? I think the size of the frame could be an issue... This would be my preferred method and would be keen to hear this

The second would be attaching some form of gear mechanism to a disc break and using that gear as a way to drive the gear. This is not as preferable for me as it required me to 3D print a few more parts than I would like but not impossible.

Keen to hear your thoughts on all this.

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