Chaffing started on one side of leg

cyberknight Posts: 1,238
Very odd.
Same set up as i have had for a while, same shorts and no other obvious changes but now i am getting chaffing on the join/crease between inner thigh and groin area.
If i scooch forward on the saddle its more comfy and if itwist my shorts around my leg it eases for a bit .
Pretty annoying !
FCN 3/5/9


  • maryka
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    Worn/shifted cleat? I'd check for something that causes a leg length discrepancy. Insole in one shoe missing, etc.
  • cyberknight
    cyberknight Posts: 1,238
    cheers , got the same issue with different shoes , looking back i have been wearing "nicer " dhb aeron shorts rather than the wiggle essentials i normally ride in .
    FCN 3/5/9
  • jgsi
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    If the area is the same each ride and every ride... then an extra layer of a gel pad e.g. ... -of-5.html -- out of stock and also over expensive as per usual for cycling stuff (licence to print money)

    Alternative , cheaper solutions are there if you use the principle.

    How to avoid this completely?
    I think you could pay an so called expert lot of money for no guarantee of a solution... and also difficult to source these experts.
    As bib pads now come in different sizes in some brands eg. Endura, getting a pad to suit your saddle width may be something to consider... but again experimentation could cost £90 a go.
    Dont ignore it as one day it might develop into a full saddle sore and keep you off the bike full stop.
    It is an annoying problem but it can be controlled and keep you riding.
  • frisbee
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    Saddle straight? My knees skim the top tube so I'm very sensitive to a perfectly straight saddle.
  • dannbodge
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    Have you tried using chamois cream?
    I've started using it on all my rides and it makes a massive difference to comfort.
  • photonic69
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    As above. Check for straight saddle. I had this for a few weeks, a slight rubbing on my left crease. It really annoyed after 50+ miles. Checked saddle by eye and it seemed fine. Really puzzled me until I noticed the design of the saddle cover was very slightly off center. This threw the saddle out of true by a tiny amount but enough to irk me. I'm more of a Micro-Adjuster than a Macro-Absorber to paraphrase Phil Burt (BC Cycling Physio)

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.