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Bib tights with a long torso?

nightshade18nightshade18 Posts: 6
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Hi folks,

First post. Can anyone recommend a pair of bib tights, or even just brands to try for someone with a long torso?

I've been using a pair of Altura's 3/4 for years and they were about right. So I bought a pair of Altura team shorts and the bib straps dig into my shoulders. Not too much of a problem with shorts as I can usually size up and accept that the shorts come a little further down my leg. With tights this isn't really possible as I have bunches trailing into my shoes!

I've tried B'twin's 300 and 700 in a variety of sizes and they were all too short in the straps and I've just returned a second set of Castelli's velocissimo's (tried L and XL).

I'm 6ft with a 32in waist - I don't feel as though I'm especially tall or large, just that my torso is a bit longer and my legs a bit shorter.

I'd like to budget around £50 (which feels like a lot, but apparently not for bib's theses days)

Appreciate any suggestions you might have!


  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 3,733
    Try Sportful. They're long enough in the body and leg for me at 6'4" with the same waist measurement as you in size large. Some great deals on them currently at Wiggle.

    I should add that the bib straps are meant to be reasonably tight when you're stood up but should feel just right in the cycling position.
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    I am 6ft7 with a longer body and find gore have the longest straps / fit. I also find for me castelli have the best fit, as above they are good in the actual riding position.
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