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Will this work? 11-28 to 11-32

EBinSKEBinSK Posts: 5
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On my Tarmac I've got a Shimano 105 RD-5701 short cage 10 speed derailleur and an 11-28 cassette. I want to switch to an 11-32 cassette. A friend gave me a 105 RD-5701 medium cage 10 speed derailleur that he had laying around after an upgrade.

Will I run into any issues if I install that medium cage derailleur with this MTB cassette and 10 speed chain? I'm including a chain because I assume my current chain will be too short.
Shimano XT CS-M771 ... d-Cassette
Shimano Ultegra CN-6701 Chain ... peed-Chain


  • Keep the short cage. Leave the chain as is and put on the 11-32. Screw in the screw against the derailleur hanger (can't remember the correct name)

    Only gear it wont work in is 54 32 (ie big front ring and big rear ring) but you shouldn't do it anyway

    Hope that makes sense
  • trailflowtrailflow Posts: 1,311
    The cassette and chain in your links will work fine together.

    But as suggested above, you could try the 32t cassette with the short cage RD and trying screwing the b-screw in further. It all depends how long your current RD hanger is (some are longer than others ) and whether it can cope. The big/big combo would be the most stressed gear so would need to be avoided. Every other gear combo should be usuable providing your chain is not too short.

    Whether your old chain will not slip on the new 11-32t cassette is another story. If your old chain has alot of mileage and wear it may jump and skip when you try to put the power down.
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