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Well, sorted out a trainer and currently using a spare wheel and tyre the bike came with and tubes at 60 psi ... as opposed to the rocket ron's on his regular wheel.

This is not ideal so I'm looking to find a 24" tyre as hard and fast rolling as possible... I can't see any training tyres in 24" unless someone knows of any.


  • fenix
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    Just use any cheapo 24" tyre ?
  • Steve-XcT
    Steve-XcT Posts: 267
    Fenix wrote:
    Just use any cheapo 24" tyre ?
    The Kenda one that is on is better than the Rocket Ron's but it's still quite noisy and looses a coat of rubber onto the roller...
    I'm hoping for something not to dis-similar to the 26" (and bigger) training tyres or at least a slick that fits....