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Thinking of doing a family rando, to raise money for charity, with a twist

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I put this here in the off topic section since it contains some opinion and some biking.

I have trained up to 100% of the elevation and about 80% of the distance for a 100 mile fund raising bike ride. The local charity office shut their doors and moved about 4 hours away. They had already organized most of the race but left all the riders hanging by cancelling the race.

I instead am thinking about a family and friends (or any local rider I happen to meet) Rando. Maybe 4 to 6 riders. The format would be using a set Strava course to total the miles of the riders for the day against each $1 donated. I would target a donation goal of enough miles per rider to justify a Rando. If the money is low or the riders many, we can just ride more.

This will not be a "formal" supported race. We have a ton of beautiful greenway bike path in our area. Probably a few hundred miles of paved path. The "support" area could be at my house which is on the greenway mid-point.

Here's the catch or dodgy part: I want to choose social justice charities. You choose among a list of pre-selected charities and email to the group your receipt of donation.

In the US, almost all charity rides are for some kind of medical condition. Childhood diabetes, multiple sclerosis, mental illness, etc.......

However, we often seem to throw our hearts in the ballot box at election time without any soul behind our beliefs.

I'm sure some of you have heard of these, but these are the kind of groups I want people to pick from:

-Legal Aid (free/reduced cost lawyer assistance for the marginalized)
-ACLU (fights court cases regarding civil liberties)
-Planned Parenthood (the much hated group that gives healthcare to marginalized, women, but also on occasion performs abortions)
-find some kind of charity to benefit refugees and immigrants
-find a charity to benefit child adoption (to distinguish between a person who is pro-birth versus pro-life)
-find a charity to benefit victims of gun violence

We HAVE done this before for a 1/2 marathon running. It was not a dividing cause, something involving a children's hospital. But we do have experience in a very small group charity.

This could be the worst idea ever. I'm soliciting opinions.


  • meesterbondmeesterbond Posts: 1,240
    I'm not in the US but given the current state of politics I'd imagine those groups could do with all the support they can get at the moment. Go for it!
  • To be clear, I'll also throw in some cash myself. I just need to make sure the charities I choose have the ability to pay with your card in an easy way for any amount you wish. Make it simple and easy.

    When we did the 1/2 marathon for the kids, we had some treats for everyone during the run, a water station, a health/death waiver to sign, a small lunch afterwards.

    I would plan to do similar. Have at the "aid station" some choice of fluids, snacks/treats, bike pump, tools, bathroom in the house.

    Maybe since the house would be the aid station let it be the start/finish point and do a grill out of things afterwards with some beers.

    Not everyone might agree with my point of view on politics, but there are some underlying basic human principles we can support. I have a lot of evangelical family, so it will be interesting to see how many will donate in opposition to how they voted.

    I'm tired of reading things online and feeling angry. I'd rather do something instead.
  • rjsterryrjsterry Posts: 24,656
    I'm not US-based either, but that sounds like an outstanding idea, and best of luck organising it.

    Just my 2 pence worth on the charitable causes: Given how polarised US politics appear to be at the moment, it would be good to make it as inclusive as possible. Try to somehow illustrate how those causes are relevant to a variety of people. Perhaps an example of someone each cause has helped. Maybe also think about the spread of causes so that if someone doesn't feel entirely comfortable supporting cause A, then there's also B or C.
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  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,119 Lives Here
    I'm tired of reading things online and feeling angry. I'd rather do something instead.
    Good for you and best of luck, I hope it is successful.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,391
    are you only looking at 'local' charities?

    maybe going 'wider' would give a more neutral feel? though i suppose some may not like that

    a few alternatives...

    médecins sans frontières
    worldwide fistula fund
    operation smile
    mercy corps

    edit: just re-read and these don't fit your criteria do they!

    anyway, hope you succeed with whichever ones you choose
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  • pinnopinno Posts: 48,534

    Why does it have to be people centric? People are brilliant at f*cking things up and f*cking each other over. We are also great at f*cking up the environment.
    But... plus 1 for médecins sans frontières.

    Anyway, my socks are soggy and i'm f*cking pi$$ed off.
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