2017 Fan thread

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I have carried out a search of this forum, and couldn't find anything that recent, so thought an upto date one could well prove useful.

I currently have a fairly large pedestal fan, Sealey or a Honeywell possibly, with a swing feature, 3 speed levels, and a bit of a tempremental remote.

What I like about it is that I can put it on the low speed from the remote to start with, and then up the speed as the intensity increases, and or if it's a recovery period I can slow it down, or swing it completely off, or to a point where it bounces the air off the wall, so am not in the direct flow.

This year is the first year I am going to be Trainerroading for a large proportion, and I have a funny feeling that my garage in the height of summer, after a hopefully warm and sunny day, is going to be pretty stifling, even at 10pm - and I don't have the option to go out on the road, as I have my daughter hopefully asleep in the house (Baby monitor in the garage) as my gf is out at band rehearsals.

This is all fine at 0c at 6am on a Saturday, but I wonder if it will cope with that environment.

Additionally I will be carrying out two 1 hour sessions in the middle of the day during the week, using my lunch hour when working from home.

I have seen the industrial floor fans, and appreciate how efficient they are, but the fact you can't turn them on remotely seems a bit of a shortfall - I love the remote and swing ability.
Try as I might search, I can find no floor fan with a remote however - even a 'remote' on the end of a lead would do the job.

Anyway, can anyone recommend a big mutha pedestal fan with a remote?
I bought mine about 7 years ago now, and it's still going fine, but don't think they make it anymore, so just wondering if anyone had any specific recommendations.

Also, may need a second fan anyway, as my gf is just getting into Trainerroad, and we now have twin turbos set up in the garage, and there is bound to be the odd joint session, and when there is not, it would give either of us the twin fan option then too.

It appears that 20" industrial pedestal fans do exist, but not with a bl00dy remote :evil:
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