26" wheels in a 27.5" frame

devhads Posts: 236
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I need to get a new frame for my son who has had a big growth spurt. I recently paid out a couple of hundred quid on some 26" forks and have decent enough 26" wheels. I was looking at the On One Parkwood 27.5" for £99 and was wondering what the downside to sticking the forks and wheels on that.

I know the BB would be really low about 280mm but he has 165mm cranks a 32t single chainring and weighs next to nothing. The head angle would be steeper but it's already pretty slack at 67 degrees and he will only be using it for XC.

Anything else I'd need to consider?

It's a pretty good price for the frame and finding anything decent in 26" for that price seems impossible. It also means when he has another growth spurt I can get bigger wheels and forks instead of a frame.