New Road Bike - Second Hand or not

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Hi, im wishing to get back into cycling after a 5 year gap, previously used a bike for commuting 20 mile round trip on a hybrid. I now wish to join the road race bike clan, but really haven't a clue on what bike - my budget is £750 - £1000. I have looked at the Cannonade sypnase and heard good things, but the choices are immense!!!

My main aim is for commuting 10 mile round trips as well as 30-40 mile runs out occasionally.

Can anyone help suggest some bikes that I could add to my list of bikes to look out for.

Have looked at ebay for second hand bikes - seem to have a good selection.

Thanks in advance.


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    Some shops like Evans have ex demo bikes you could look at. They are used but since you buy from a shop you get a limited sales warranty with it.
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    Up to £1000 is a decent budget. I'd probably look at new bikes rather than second hand - there are some great deals around if you keep your eyes open.

    Have a look at this Cube for example. £500 off because it's a 2016 model. Carbon frame, 105 gears (excellent) and hydraulic disc brakes. Pretty much everything you could want from a first road bike (assuming it fits you of course). ... -grey.aspx
  • Check with the owners of your local shop, maybe they will sell you their bikes (the ones that they are riding). Its basically a used (demo). They are usually very nice bikes, maintained well. Great deals.
  • Plenty of deals to get a new bike at that sort of money. worth investing as much as you can In the frame. You can chop and change little bits as you go
  • Do you not have a cycle-to-work-scheme? More bang for your buck, and you'll have the safety net of warranty and proper LBS guidance.
    Of course if not, then 2nd hand is a good way to go - why not try the Bike Radar classifieds? A bit more trustworthy than other avenues, but yes, ebay is the obvious place to look, as there are thousands out there. It's the usual lottery with ebay though isn't it - and this isn't a new saddle or jersey, it's a big payout.
    Having said that, I have sold two bikes on ebay, so there are trustworthy sellers out there! Ahem...
    Why not pick out a few, then post the links here - there will always be riders more experienced to give advice.
  • If you are thinking of buying second hand, just be aware that things like gears or wheels will probably need sorting on them (unless they specifically say they have recently been checked). Helped my brother get his first road bike off gumtree not too long ago. While it was generally in good condition, we found that the tension in a number of the spokes was too loose (I suspect some might of even need replacing), so the wheels would wobble a bit under load. But because they were fairly basic wheels, he decided to just replace them in the end.
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    I'd recommend a nice second hand specialized tarmac from ebay or buy local.
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    The Synapse is an immense bike - but I may be a bit biased :-)

    You can land this for £800, but it does have mechanical discs.

    Are you after a more sportive style bike then?
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  • Having just done the same as you- switched from hybrid to road, daily commute and occasional long rides- I would whole heartedly recommend buying new.
    I didn't have your budget (not even close!) so went second hand. I'm really happy with my purchase now but it has taken a lot of trial and error and aches and pains to get there.
    If you buy new you will get a basic bike fit which will improve how comfortable you are and will cut out the aches and pains that I mentioned.

    Aside from the fit you get the obvious benefit of warranty and most places will offer a 6 month service/ check up.
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    Daniel B wrote:
    The Synapse is an immense bike - but I may be a bit biased :-)

    You can land this for £800, but it does have mechanical discs.

    Are you after a more sportive style bike then?

    Have to agree it's an amazing bike. Even though mine is just the Sora group set it's such a great bike. I do keep meaning to swap the standard brakes out though as the blocks are just rubbish that come with it. Not a big deal though.
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    Depends if you plan on upgrading later or just sticking to one bike. I have bought two second hand bikes. One to start off, which I eventually passed on to my brother when he got into it and I bought a newer bike with nice components and a very nice frame. For a good price at a bike shop. My current bike is a Raleigh RC 8000 aluminium frame with carbon forks fore and aft with Shimano Durace groupset and Durace wheels. And it got it for £440. And it is a super bike. Not the best out there but it is an excellent setup for me.

    Just look around for long enough and you will find a good deal.