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Anglesey is my new Mallorca.

part time wasterpart time waster Posts: 244
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Had plenty of trips over the years around Mallorca and loved it. It does tend to be a bit expensive and time consuming getting there etc , I'm not faulting it.
However I have lately been having a few long weekends on Anglesey. The roads are quiet , the terrain is rolling , hardly any flat , plenty of awkward sections , just no massive climbs like Puig Major. Still you can cross over and ride the extensive climbs around Snowdonia.
Obviously you need to be fairly close to be happy driving there , suppose you could get the train and book the endless accommodation available.
Also being a small island when pottering around the inner lanes you are never more than a few miles from a small village and coffee shop.
Had anyone else done any exploring around there ? Found any hidden gems of climbs ?
I notice Holyhead cycling club seems to have plenty of members , so must be fairly popular with plenty of riders.
Be good to hear from some of them.


  • joenobodyjoenobody Posts: 546
    Not been there myself (either Anglesey or Mallorca), and judging by the pics coming from Team Sky this week it's not a given, but I reckon you've got a better chance of better weather in Mallorca. Maybe Anglesey would be better in the Summer, when it's too hot to ride all day in Mallorca?
  • johngtijohngti Posts: 877
    I rode the Tour de Mon around Anglesey last summer. Now, bearing in mind I'm from North Wales, I thought it'd be a nice rolling ride with nothing difficult. I was wrong. Hardest ride I've done (bearing in mind I haven't ridden anywhere abroad or as far as the Lake District). Wind was harsh and a real battle. 106 miles with 7500 feet of climbing, at least a few were good and steep. It would've been slightly more bearable if it hadn't started raining as well as blowing a gale. Given the choice I think I'd rather go to Mallorca!
  • I will look out for the tour de Mon. I accept the weather plays a big part.
    Still a cheap weekend away ,
  • Garry HGarry H Posts: 6,614
    Originally for north Wales, Snowdonia area. Always thought that cycling on Anglesey was hard going.
  • Just had a blast , 40 miles , found a few hills that the road sign said 35 % . Struggled up a green narrow and wet twisty lane , struggled for grip. Rounded a corner and found 25 % lane , even longer which lead to another.
    All in all a tough ride , the sun was out and the sky was blue. I think the island has its own micro climate like Asbersoch.
    Another good place to ride around the peninsula.
    Road to the tip where you get a view of Puffin island .
    See what Saturday brings.
  • I live on Anglesey. You're welcome to join us on various rides starting at Pringles, Llanfairpwllgwyngyll at 9.30-10am most Sundays. Usually 50 miles at a steady pace.
  • Thanks . I have just returned from Benllech . I will have to work on my fitness , I have managed 45 miles at 14.5 miles an hour. My legs were buckled.
    I love the place. Every time I stop or get coffee and lunch the people have plenty of time to chat with you and are friendly.
    I just peddle round the lanes almost lost. Great exploring , hardly an traffic as you move slightly in from the coast.
  • rider25rider25 Posts: 72
    A few friends and I did this last Saturday. The route initially started as the Tour de Mon but I ended up shifting 2/3 of the route off the main roads and onto the narrower lanes. One of the best rides I've ever experienced... but one of the toughest. Not helped by doing a ton out and back from Llandudno the day before.

    It's the first time I've ridden on the island, and I'm sure locals could improve the route even more, but nearly all of it was stunning. It's also worth mentioning the superb road surfaces.

    Serious post-ride blues this week!
  • I have looked at the Tour de Mon route. It's ok but better to use the cycle route marked on the O.S maps mainly.
    I did 3 days recently. It didn't matter where we headed , just spin around with a rough direction. I've pretty much lapped the place , but there are so many other minor lanes and direction changes you just get a great ride.
    At least my average speed has risen. 16.5 mph over 70 miles with 4500 feet of climbing. 3 days on the run.
    Going back soon for more friendly laid back hospitality. People seem happy to chat wherever we stop for coffee. The lanes are generally well surfaced and the Gulf Stream keeps it slightly warmer than North Wales in general , a similar micro climate to The Llyn peninsula.
    Haven't found a bike shop yet though.
  • MoonbikerMoonbiker Posts: 1,706
    Some of local mini backroad climbs i recommend:

    South Stack

    Mynydd Y Garn

    Bodafon: Nice bench with lake/ducks at the top

    Nebo: Theres loads of steep climbs round Nebo least half a dozen....

    "The Wall" Llangaffo

    You could make a nice hilly route with all thoose in.

    As for LBS there one in Valley & one in Llangefni.
  • Thanks for the tips. I found a great 35% north of Llanddona , called Allt Bron Phillip , it starts at Hen Felin Cottages.
    When I say found , im sure anyone local would not have lost it .
    I will take a ride past the bike shops next time I visit. Next weekend , then as summer holidays begin , 3 weeks in August , for starters.
  • cld531ccld531c Posts: 517
    Have to agree, the roads are lovely and undulating, quiet and smooth. Fortunately I seem to have missed the 25% and 35% climbs on my first jaunt out there the other week :-)
  • ricey155ricey155 Posts: 233
    Lovely area must try it on the bike, been there a few times racing on the track.

    Only downside is as always in the UK the dam weather if you get a steady weekend there's no place better. best go check out those strava links asap :-)
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