Direct Drive Turbo & Single Ring Bike?

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I've been doing a bit of indoor training through the winter so far and I'm having a slight problem.
The bike I use has a single front ring set-up and an 11/28 cassette so on a normal Cycleops Fluid trainer it runs out of resistance in the 42-11 combination.

I'm thinking of getting a Cycleops Silencer turbo as I was hoping that the magnetic resistance would give me increased resistance over my current fluid trainer for some intervals.

Has anyone used a direct drive turbo with a single ring bike?
Any issues with it?


  • term1te
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    I have an Elite Muin direct drive turbo, and whilst I'm using it with a double chainset, I very rarely take it out of the 36 inner ring. It has much greater resistance than wheel driven turbo, I'd be challenged to even push a 42 x 11 above 60 rpm.