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Tagalong Bikes & Kids Trailer Struggles With Cycling Path Entrances

D MaxD Max Posts: 11
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I've been cycling with my daughter for over a year now (since she was about 6 months old) with a Thule Chariot Trailer and now that she's older (18 months) and we switch to mainly using a Weehoo Tagalong bike attachment we want to go and explore off road on trails nearby and maybe explore around our area. We've been running into a struggle to simply get on the path as it's fenced and gates makes it had for anything that is not your "typical" single person upright bicycle. Has anyone encounter this problem before and what was your solution? It's a little hard for me to get through most of the trails entrances if not at all possible. My wife won't be able to go without me.


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    You need to take it up with whoever is putting up the restrictions I think ? Point out the flaws.

    I know a few bike paths round here that have had some of the obstacles removed - presumably for access like yours.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,724
    Loads of issues on this one as people designing these trails don't always think about youngsters, they just think about stopping motorcycles. I used to have issues with my youngest lad some years ago and I swapped to a Adams tagalong bike as it was a 2 second job to uncouple at gates etc rather than the trailgater style bars.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • D MaxD Max Posts: 11
    Taking the Weehoo or the Thule trailer off is a 2 seconds thing to do too but it's the challenge of either I keep the 18 months old or out. For the trailer it's ok to keep him in. For the Weehoo if I keep him in it's heavy and tricky and if I take him off it take longer to unstrap and strap not to mention the running around to make sure he doesn't go wondering while I carry the bikes on the other side. - And that would have to be done every 1-1.5 km along the trail as there's gates in the middle of the trail too.

    I've end up contacting the person in charge and they said that as long as we can find an alternative that help them keep out motorbikes he's willing to change the infrastructure. That's good to know. Now I need for find an alternate that would work for both my trailer and the weehoo but I also wondering what others would run into with a new set up. Not an easy task. And I'm convince that if a motorbike riders really wants to go on the trail they'll find a way in anyhow... so all that trouble for us and they still go in.
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