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Cycle hire / buy abroad

Davebo777Davebo777 Posts: 44
edited November 2016 in Tour & expedition
Looking to go on holiday to Andalucia next year (Aug. 2017).

Not sure what cycle hire will be available but a cursory look says 2 weeks bike hire is in the region of 200 euros.

It may be better value to buy a cheapish bike (say 250 euros) and sell it at the end (100 - 150 euros).

Pros & Cons please ?
Cheers, DBo.


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    You'd probably get a better hire bike than a 250 euro bike?

    Up to you but I'd rather pay more for the hire.

    Or even take your own?
  • If you're planning on touring (I assume you are because of the bit of the forum you've posted on) then I'd recommend taking your own bike. You know for sure it fits and you know how everything works. Buying and selling a bike will take valuable holiday time.
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