"New" indoor training setup questions...

karlkras Posts: 14
edited September 2016 in Health, fitness & training
A couple of seasons ago I picked up a used Lemond Revolution flywheel trainer from a craigslist purchase that was too good a deal to pass up.
It also came with the Power Pilot unit which I pretty consider a piece of junk. However I really like the trainer and found a used Wattbox (a true Ant+ compatible speed/power transmitter) and am setting it up today.
It's paired and picking up both speed and wattage on my Galaxy S5 with the Wahoo fitness app.
Along with the wahoo kickr HRM I'm almost there (need a cadence sensor still, but that can wait).
Anyone else familiar with the WattBox and setup? Since this unit no longer has support from whatever Lemond has become there isn't any direct support at my disposal.
Question: I can't find information on what wheel size I should be setting this to in the hosting application. I can't "roll it out" so I'm trying to figure out how else to calculate this, other then adjusting based on "feel".

thanks for any help on this.