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New bike and easier gears advice.

oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,988
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I currently have a road bike and a mtb but both are either overkill or not capable on some of the longer off road rides I'm doing. So I'm looking at disc equipped 10 / 11 spd not bothered which, with capability to fit a sunrace 11 to 40 cassette on the back. Some of the rides I do have very steep climbs that I struggle with at times on my mtb as unable to stand to pedal due to losing traction. Not sure if the bigger mtb style cassette will go with tiagra or 105. As an idea I like the look of the cannondale caadx, it is highly likely I will have a go at some more cx races having done a couple of beginner ones on my mtb. May also get used as a winter bike as well. Any advice folks. Max budget £1200.
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  • trek_dantrek_dan Posts: 1,366
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    No easy answer, If you want to stick with a double ring on the front (advisable perhaps if you want to use as a winter road bike also) you'll need to swap out the medium cage supplied for a long cage. However - not sure of the availability of long cage Shimano road mechs at the moment, they same to be quite scarce. You can't mix and match Shimano road and MTB drivetrain.
    Going SRAM would make life easier as you can just use a long cage MTB mech with road shifters. Maybe look at Planet X as they do a 2x11 CX bike (and they might even swap the medium cage mech out for you if you ask nicely).
    Your *probably* asking a bit too much from a CX bike doing MTB stuff, CX racing and winter road use. Some of the climbs around me that I do on my MTB with suspension, big tyres and a mega low bottom gear I just get off and run up them with my CX bike shouldered, its good racing practice after all.
  • No Shimano road rear mech will take a 40 tooth sprocket. They max out at 32 I think.
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    I have surprised myself a few times on my PX XLS, which has 42 X 11-32. I'm no climbing snake, and my off-road skills are so-so at best, but I managed to keep going on some fairly rough, steep and long uphills in the wilds of Argyll this summer - and that's on pretty slick road tyres, too.
    At the top end I can spin up to 35mph or so, so it copes with road riding just fine - the main reason I have it is for winter commuting.
    I'd say it's a pretty good "do it all" bike.
  • I use one of these -

    And can happily use an 11-40 cassette with a 105 medium cage derailleur and a single ring. You've got to be a bit careful with the cassette size if you're using a double up front though. From the above link:

    11s Cassette Compatibility:
    11-32: Not Required (GS medium cage rear derailleur works)
    11-36: Single or Double Chainring
    11-40: Single or Double Chainring (front rings can be no more than 14 teeth different e.g. 48-34)
    11-42: Not Supported
    10-42: Not Supported
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,988
    A few options I can look at here. The regular ride I do goes from flat to a max of 30% ish and averages about 20% till it levels out towards the top it's mainly grass and bare limestone, hence looking for suitable gearing. Didn't really fancy going single up front as it compromises using it as a winter bike. Will have a look at the PX offering as I'd forgotten about them.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • I'd be surprised if not amazed if on steep off road climbs that a CX bike would do better than a MTB, on shallower climbs the CX do seem a bit quicker like for like, but on steeper stuff, the lower gearing, plus wider tyres come into play.

    I have Trance which far out climbs my CX bike, your Anthem should all things being equal be better, with a more racy position.

    Gearing that works for CX races seems to be a much closer range of gears, vs using the CX as a MTB lite you want a good range.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,988
    The Anthem is ok for the downhill and uphill it's the flat gravel stuff in between and local trails I use to build up endurance on. Plus I need a lighter bike if I do cx properly and for winter wet comutes.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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