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I want to buy a fixie but cant decide! Please help!

chowshellychowshelly Posts: 4
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I've been wanting to buy a fixie To try out and I found a few under 300$ but I don't know which is better for getting to school when it starts again. And also quick question is Schwinn still a good brand? Thanks! ... desc-under ... 3452855617 ... bula-black ... fixie-bike


  • leemehleemeh Posts: 16
    I dont know much about many of those bikes - all look pretty cheap and cheefull. Two bits of advice (having owened several fixies). Do make sure it has a flip flop hub, then if you hate fixed gear riding you can switch the wheel around and ride 'normally' being able to coast. In doing that you will then need to rely on breaks - try to avoid buying something with painted rims. The combination of cheap brakes (at this price range), a heavy frame and painted rims will make braking aweful. Non painted rims and an upgrade to better pads (or even a better whole new front brake) will improve things for you
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 830
    Another thing to note is that 3 of those bikes have deep section. Whilst they look nice take it from me they are HEAVY! (I have owned 3 fixie's with these type of wheels). Also if you have a puncture you need to get either very long valve innertubes (rare) or valve extenders (can be unreliable).

    I had a No Logo fixie ($350) and the wheels weighed 4.3kg without tyres !!!

    Heavy wheels makes everything worse so to that end I would go with something with normal depth wheels
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Schwinn produce some 'just about decent' mid range products, but the speedster linked to is 3speed hub geared and coaster brake, so not really a fixie!

    Would echo the above about making sure its flip-flop.

    Of those the Vivos looks reasonable, the other two look like the same bike under different logos.
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  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    This is a very UK forum so don't know the brands but FGSS are simple machines. The Vivos, looks the best to me.

    I had to google the frame materials (high tensile steel vs chromoly) and the chromoly Vivos appears to be a much better choice. It also appears to have extra mount points, handy for a front rack or panniers.

    It's worth noting that the Vivos has 48x16 gearing and the city grounds bikes, 46x16. Depending on where you ride, that's quite a big gear on the Vivos and I personal ride 46x16 fixed. It can be changed fairly easily and putting a 17t on the back would be cheap.
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