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Smart trainer

Wilby_89Wilby_89 Posts: 96
Just got my power meter which I am using with zwift which is brilliant.
I am using it on a basic cycle ops mag trainer and was thinking of getting a smart trainer to replicate the climbs on the trainer but looking into into it do you thinks its worth getting one to replicate the downslopes aswell.
The reason I'm asking is because theres a bit of a price difference between the ones that just replicate climbs compared to the ones that replicate both the uphill and downhill's.


  • markhewitt1978markhewitt1978 Posts: 7,614
    It depends what you can afford. I had a Bushido which didn't have powered descents and now a Neo which does. And it's one of those nice to have things in that you can pick up pedalling again just like in real life whereas on the Bushido the rear wheel would just stop so I would have to spin it up again even if my Zwift avatar was still going 30mph.

    But it's one of those things that's a nice addition not at all vital.
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