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Free hub issue on 2008 Trek Fuel EX8

stormin63stormin63 Posts: 4
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Can anyone help me on what free hub should go on my stock rear hub of my 2008 Trek Fuel EX8? Even what size allen will work, assuming that an allen will be the right tool to take the free hub off. I think I've taken about everything on this bike apart except for the freehub (and spokes) from the hubs. Thanks.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Depends what the stock hub is. Have tyou tried an 8 or 10mm allen key?
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  • stormin63stormin63 Posts: 4
    The stock hub has three white lines on it that make a triangle.
  • stormin63stormin63 Posts: 4
    I got a great response from Trek Tech Support!

    "Thanks for the questions about your Fuel EX. Is a standard Bontrager Splined Freehub Body, this part can be purchased or order from and Trek Retailer by using part number: W211339. Or if you Google: "Bontrager freehub splined body" it will come up with some options for purchasing from Authorized Online Retailers for Trek. And you would want a freehub for 130/135mm spacing for your Fuel.

    The freehub will use and 11mm Allen key to tighten it to the hub (it threads into the shell and is tightened from the back side or opposite side that it threads into).

    And the cone wrench you will need to take apart the hub is 15mm cone wrench and they you can use an adjustable/crescent wrench on the locknuts which are typically 17mm."

    I ordered from

    Hopefully this helps someone else with the same issue.
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