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AkernoAkerno Posts: 2
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I am plannig on buying my first proper mountain bike, and was looking for some advice on some of what I've found.

On bikesdirect, I found this ... er-mtb.htm for $1 200, which is the absolute max I could spend on a bike. I also found this ... -bikes.htm for $1 000, and I was wondering if the Gravity was worth $200 more with its specs.

Alternatively, if anyone knows of anywhere else to get a similar or better bike for the same price range, I'd be glad to look at that too.

The type of riding I did on a $200 dollar bike (which I broke, hence the need for a new one) was mainly going down rock gardens, big roots, very small jumps and drops, then pedaling back up to plan for the next run. I hope this gives some idea of what I plan to use it for.

Also, on the parts side, I saw some bikes for much cheaper with Elixir's on, are they as unreliable as I read and I should stay clear of them, or is it mainly a problem if you overuse them?

Thanks for anyone who helps with this!


  • thelonegrooverthelonegroover Posts: 1,073
    Hi, don't get too bogged down with detail specs and specific brakes. If you're riding down rock gardens and roots with small jumps, you may want to consider a second hand trail bike, like a Giant Trance or Trek Remedy, these have slacker head angles which will make going down much easier.
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