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Shimano Triple MTB Crank in BB86 Frame???

winnie1966winnie1966 Posts: 6
edited May 2016 in MTB workshop & tech

Been googling like mad to get an answer to this without success.

My very stubborn old dad has been given a a Frame with a BB86 bottom bracket and insists he wants a Shimano 44-32-22 MTB
Hollowtech II Chainset in it.

I thought the solution to this was staightforward - put a Shimana Pressfit MTB BB in , namely ... t-for-mtb/

But looking a bit deeper at this, it appears that these BB's are for BB89.5(whatever that is ) and BB92.

It seems that if you have a frame with a BB86 Shell you can only put Road chainsets in.

Am i right or am i missing something - i think the latter will be correct btw

Any help would be appreciated



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