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bmx brake cable splitter

mcstumpymcstumpy Posts: 296
edited April 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Having converted my previously converted-for-one-handed-operation flat bar to do drop bar, I'm left with what I believe is a bmx cable splitter that my lbs had used to connect both brakes to one lever.

I have an older mtb style hybrid that Edinburgh bike Co op set up 12 years ago with a heath Robinson contraption to split the brake cables. I'm giving the bike a service and am going to replace brake cables, the bmx splitter is a more elegant solution and I'd like to use that. But..... how do I open up the cylinder to insert new cables? There is a seam on the cylinder that suggests it could be a screw operation but my initial efforts have not yielded success. I don't want to bust it. So before I stick it in a vice and get the tools out, does anyone have any experience of inserting new cables into such a splitter?



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