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Slow Bike

cottladcottlad Posts: 3
edited April 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Bought a (very) used Enduro S-Works not so long ago and have only managed a couple of trips out up to now. But I've noticed it's really slow. When I first bought it I gave it to a local Spesh shop to service and change a few worn parts. Both times I've been out I've been struggling to keep up. Now I'm definitely not as fit as I should be I know, but even on compacted trails I'm having to peddle to keep up on slightly downhill sections where others are free wheeling and pulling away. It seems just as bad uphill and a friend who borrowed the bike for an outing (who is fit) confirmed that it's definitely not rolling as it should.

Am a bit perplexed. The wheels spin freely. The tyres are pressured correctly. I'm running on Maxxis Minion 2.35 SuperTacky and wondered if this could have such a big effect? Reading reviews they are mostly very good and don't really highlight these as being really slow tyres.

I'm not an expert and this may be a silly question but could it be bearings? Even if the wheels are spinning freely could they perform differently under load?

The tyres grip great so before I spend money buying something faster I'd like to explore other possible reasons first.



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