King Arthur

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Went to Poundland and bought a copy of 'King Arthur - the Director's Cu*t' so that I could appreciate better the 3rd century which is when some of you were born. It is utter cack and I can see why it never received the Nobel Prize for cinematography. It is full of errors. For a start he was not a king - just a migrant in the Daily Mail perjorative sense. No one is ever called Arthur except him, that bloke in Holby City who was bonking someone who had an advanced degree in crustacea and the psycho in charge of the national union of mineworkers. Other errors include the jet stream from a plane a mobile mast and of course the large hadron collider. And you try getting a round table from B&Q or IKEA. Next time I will go to Harrods for my audio visual requirements (well except for the ones which you do not buy at Harrods, Poundland or anywhere else if you know what I mean.) I regret to announce that today I have to go to the North of England occasioning an early start. Happy Easter.
...take your pickelf on your holibobs.... :D

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