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Tubeless, almost too easy to setup? Suspicious lol

mattrixdesign2mattrixdesign2 Posts: 644
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I am running tubeless on my CX (Stand IronCross and WTB tyres, very difficult to mount the tyres but it's been deadly reliable), also ran tubeless on my 26 Ht (Stans Alpine and Stans Rocket Rons TL ready, again reliable to an extent).

I now have a 29er, and thought why not try tubeless on the factory oem wheels Mavic XM319 and oem Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.25in tyres. Neither of which claim to be TL ready.

I added two layers of tape to the rim and the valve, re mounted the tyres, and instantly got them to seal (without soapy water, and sealant), unseated the tyre added the sealant and reinflated and not lost any air. Easy!

Now, on inflating I never a got the reassuring Pop! as the tyre seats to the rim. Should this be of concern? A loud pop is a sign of a good fit, but the fact it's not leaked also seems a good sign?

Anyone has a similar experience? Should I worry?


  • bigmitch41bigmitch41 Posts: 685
    Id be a bit suspicious if I hadn't got the load pop when inflating, sometimes you have to pump them up to a high pressure first to get the pop, i.e. 50psi ish..
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  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,177
    Can't you just look round where the tyre meets the rim and see if it's seated correctly?
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  • Yes, and it all looks fine! Even ridden it and it seems fine. Just no reassuring pop at around 50psi. Tyres have always popped when I have tried tubeless... These didn't but went on without a hitch, and were reasonably tight to get on the rims.

    So I may just try riding it in anger and see what happens :-)
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Let the air out and apply pressure to the bead to see if it moves easily - if it doesn't then all good
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