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boggy0712boggy0712 Posts: 5
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Hi I'm Chris.
I'm from Canterbury, Kent.
Got some experience but only been out once in a year and half.
Anyone else from around this area.


  • FishFishFishFish Posts: 2,238
    No replies yet Chris. Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your biking but maybe not so many members on line from Canterbury.
    ...take your pickelf on your holibobs.... :D

    jeez :roll:
  • There must be more than one mountain biker in the whole of Kent surely? Have you tried Boars on Bikes at Bedgebury? What are you looking for routes/rides?
  • Yeah around Canterbury mtbers seem few a far between. Only place for any decent rides is Blean woods what is a massive woodland and easy too get lost in but there is a group of bikers called sketchy mtb who I went out about 3 years ago. Since having a break from biking wanna get back into it and seeing if there was anyone from round my area who knows some good rides around this area.
  • Ask in your local bike shop or get involved at Bedgebury. If you haven't been there give it a go. The club that maintains the trails organise rides all year round I believe.
  • Hi.
    I am in Bridge near Canterbury. Been away from biking for a while but just bought a mountain bike and will be hoping to get the fitness levels up a bit soon.

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