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What should I check/change on a bike last ridden c2009!?

zammmmozammmmo Posts: 315
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Ok, I have sinned. I last rode my Commencal Meta 5 and Orange Patriot 66 on a proper mtb trail in 2009. Since then I went all roadie and have decided I need mtbing back in my life. So....what should I check/change on the bikes? Tires/handlebars degraded in some way necessitating replacement? Get a service done on the rear shocks and forks? The bikes have been kept in a cool room in the house the whole time. Cheers....


  • My advice and I hope other people jump in too,

    But I would look at the perishables tires and seals as rubber degrades. Next would be looking for things that have seized or are sticking in the drive train and headset. Then just inspect overall condition.

    If it was me I would replace tires, and carry out a service on the forks and shock then just inspect and re lubricate all moving parts. Think I would err on the side of caution with brakes, check the pads rotor for wear and contamination and see if you have full use and that they don't require a bleed.
  • Pump the TYRES up, ride the thing see what happens
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Pump tyres up and leave for 24 hours and then inspect, go for a gentle local ride to see if it shows up any issues.

    Invert the bike for a bit to get lube to the fork and (where applicable) shock bushings before the ride as well.

    Ideally replace tyres (tubes should be OK as they have not been exposed to UV) and service suspension, but the above gives you a fighting chance of delaying that!
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