cycling tights for small one, and shoes...?

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My son has done a few cyclo-X events. He's a pretty small 7 yr old (almost 8).

I see other kids his age wearing lycra leggings, but I can't figure out where to buy them online. The nearest seem to be at Sports Direct, but they don't seem to have them in nylon or lycra, instead mostly cotton (not good on wet muddy cycle-X course). Any suggestions?

Also, his feet are small (size 12.5 now) and when he's 9-10 we might want to get him SPD shoes, but who sells them in size 1-2?

thx in advance.


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    Altura do kids tights and shorts. They have a roubaix tight:

    Not sure of the sizes, and it's worth shopping around for price.
  • I've bought some Muddy Fox ones from SportsDirect for my oldest two (7 and 9) and they are fine but I had to order them online. Here you go: £7.99 a pair. My eldest also has their SPD shoes (with studs so they seem to work well for CX) which start at size 3 but seem to fit a size smaller than they claim...


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    Thanks for replies, we got a base layer top from SD & some size 5-6 Altura tights from Tweaks Cycles (yes my son really is that small, the tights are a touch baggy!). All good.

    I dug out the kids racing BMX bike which is looking super good for Cyclo-X, too. That often attracts comments, it only weights about 6 grams :)