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N1TRON1TRO Posts: 103
edited January 2016 in Tour & expedition
Hey there!

I was wondering if anyone is following, or indeed writing a bike touring blog or web page. I'm interested in stories, photos or videos from the road, perhaps a bit of travelling advice, gear reviews etc.

I've started my own thing at The Small Country Cyclist, with plans to do some more serious trips when it gets warmer. For now it's just things that interest me, so a bit of cycling, hiking, some travelling, local events, beer... I'd appreciate some feedback as well. :)

Perhaps I could add your suggestions to the opening post and make it a nice little meeting place for avid tourers and readers. I'm not sure such a thread already exists and I hope it's not against any forum rules.

And to kick off the list, I'd add Bicycle Touring Pro, which many of you are probably familiar with. Great cycling stories, nice pics, a lot of tips and tricks, definitely worth a visit. Maybe you'll even find your next go-to destination here. :)


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