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Rim width on Giant Propel Advanced 1

timotheostimotheos Posts: 7
edited December 2015 in Road buying advice
Hi guys!

been doing tons of research but have yet to find a definitive answer.

Currently using a 2015 giant propel advanced 1 and I intend to change my wheelset from a stock Giant PA-2 to a Zipp 404 but I am concerned if it will fit. I understand that giant propel's brake set are relatively small in clearances so it abit of a concern. I do know the max tyre width I can go is 23mm but I cannot find any info on rim width. Has anyone fitted a Zipp 404 on your giant propel advanced with SpeedControl SL brakes?

Also, can anyone enlighten me on how to read the E.T.R.T.O? on my Giant PA-2, it reads 622X17C. I know the 622 refers to the wheel diameter but what about 17C? what would a smaller number i.e 16C mean?'

Many thanks! :D


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